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     Why I know what I am talking about...

br00554087     My name is Stephan Erdman, that's me in the picture right here and I am the creator of the Pimp Your Lingo System for attracting women in conversation... without the need for pick up lines, scripts or sleazy routines!

     By the way...I am real person, that's my real name and in the last few years I've become the #1 "Go-To Guy" for shy, quiet or introvert single men all over the world who want to get great at meeting and dating women, something I used to find extremely difficult myself a few years ago. In fact in the past I was so shy that approaching or talking to women really wasn't an option! 

     Having helped myself I have now also helped 1000's of men overcome shyness around women, become better at attracting women, become men who went from zero dates to attracting a great girlfriend into their life...both on my dating advice email newsletter and with my programs.

     I don't teach anyone to learn pick up lines, routines or other misguided "pick up tricks". In fact...that way lies disaster for most guys. You may have heard my approach being called "Authentic Game". That's because you BECOME ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN using it, rather than just being able to temporarily create the illusion to be an attractive guy by pretending to be someone else.

     Unlike many other "gurus" who don't even use their real name I care about my clients' long term success.

    Lastly...Most men find me on youtube.  Others find my videos or articles on other dating coaches' websites, facebook, google, twitter...or they are referred by their mates who've got success with my "Authentic Game" approach. 

    Why Pimp Your Lingo is different (and better)...

     What you DON'T get with me is manipulative tricks and weird pick up routines…but what you get is strategies and methods that ANY man can use to attract and seduce women in a way that they in fact WANT to be attracted and seduced. By helping you to be in the moment and in fact USING what she's saying to develop the interaction in whichever way you choose...

     It's true. Most so called "pick up artists" try to get you to learn routines, create some sort of persona, and get you to become a sort of night club performer. See...that approach left me feeling empty and lost. My approach is different.

     My system is built on principles that I've learned or developed during my personal journey to overcome shyness and insecurity around women. It comes from a variety of influences, from my acting training to NLP to Psychology and even some principles from seduction community. In the process of my own journey I learned to become great at talking with women, how to connect with women on a deep level within minutes or even seconds, how to attract women through seemingly conversational chat and seducing them by using language that makes women want to be seduced.
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     On that journey I've learned the principles, methods and even specific triggers that turn women on when you use them with integrity and charme. I am demonstrating them all in the program with real women who's reactions you can hear.

And by the way…

     In order to become great at talking to women you don't have to learn to put on a great act of being an ultra cool guy or anything. In fact even ultra shy or awkward men that have used the program have found that simply employing the ideas, principles and underlying rules of my Pimp Your Lingo System TURNED them into a more attractive guy, almost against their will!

     And I can tell you from personal experience: Yes, I grew as a person in the process of learning these powerful methods, but I still feel like exactly like the same person…only without the stress, fears and frustration when it comes to meeting and talking to women. And with a lot more choice when it comes to meeting and attracting women!

      The techniques, concepts and methods that I've condensed into this program have transformed me from a very shy and awkward guy into a confident man who is totally at ease opening his mouth with complete strangers and literally loves to approach, meet and flirt with attractive women. 

My Program Comes Highly Recommended. By My Clients:

     The program in its current form has already helped many clients before you who have got in touch with me thanking me for it. Here's what they thought of the program:

"The Techniques Are Working!! "

Aidan said:

Stephan, Hi, am really enjoying the program and the way it is delivered is enjoyable, like the way you tease your friends a lot using the different techniques, only got through a few of the connection factors and am implementing them but the techniques are working!!

Thanks. Really enjoyed listening to the overview of inner game as it really makes sense.

Cheers Aidan

"Well Worth The Money!"

Kevin said...

Hello Stephan, your program has already taught me how to listen and speak more effectively. I try to listen to a few tracks each day and implement them the next. By using the techniques I can remember so much more of what the person said than I used to.

It even makes me feel less self-conscious since I'm practicing exercising the techniques and not paying attention to how my face looks or whatever. It's great fun to apply these techniques actually. I believe your program is well worth the money. It is more effective and less money than any class on charisma.

Thank You for this program, Stephan

"I Am More Assertive, Confident, A Different Person. Thank you!"

As a self confessed ‘Shy Guy’ with reasonable looks, I felt I was constantly drawing the short straw when it came to building relationships or simply meeting women I was attracted to.

The techniques you've included in the program are great due to their simplicity & practicality.

The three tiered program really gives the listener a great insight in the core methods and underlying principles that unconsciously govern human communication and how to conquer any weaknesses you may have (or not know that you have)

While listening to the program I slowly started to see what I was currently doing to ‘kill’ attraction as opposed to ‘amplifying it.

I have found myself gradually becoming more assertive, confident and in short a different person. I went out on a date last week actually looking forward to the conversation rather than dreading any potential awkward silences. The program has even made me a more influential manager at work.

Many thanks to you, Stephan, for your great programs for all of us SHY GUYS around the world..

S from Aus...    

    Just like them this program will enable you to get in control when you're talking to women maybe for the first time in your life. It will also make you more attractive to women in conversation and on dates without them even noticing why.

     After all, when you're listening to this program on your ipod or computer and you hear me demonstrating different techniques to create rapport, to connect, to flirt and seduce a girl purely through conversation including the reactions from the girls I demonstrate them with...all you need to do is follow along and start practising the techniques in your own day to day life. You don't need more time than simply spending about 10 minutes listening to one of the tracks once or twice...and then simply experiment with the technique during your day. Once you're able to use it and you've noticed the response you get...move on to the next one. Simple. Easy. Fast. Idiot Proof! ;-)

     And after a few days or weeks you'll find yourself meeting women and having conversations with them automatically. You'll be easily reminded of the cool options you have in developing the conversation...and do things right effortlessly and almost without thinking. You'll find conversations with women not just easier to have...but you'll realise how much fun you can have in conversations with women.
 now you know what Pimp Your Lingo can do for you, let's do a quick recap:

Summary: What Is The Pimp Your Lingo Program & How Can You Get It?
  • Pimp Your Lingo - Advanced Conversation Skills For Men is an audio program.
    The equivalent of 6 CD's chokeful of pure "love life changing" content.
    It's delivered in mp3 format so it's easily downloadable to your itunes and mp3 player. It will cost you only $99.00 from this special page!
  • After you order the program below you get 2 emails from me:
    One email with access details to the private members area where you can download the program and get further surprise bonuses.

    The other email is asking you to confirm your subscription to the vip members updates.
  • You will get updates and additions to the program free when I make them. 
  • Remember: The program is designed to be listened to when it's convenient regularly and repeatedly so that they methods and concepts become a part of your tools almost effortlessly
  • That said it's important to USE my program. If you don't talk to anyone after purchasing the product it will probably make you feel good but it is a set of powerful tools you must USE.
What happens if you don't like it?Guaranteed Seal

Then all you need to do is send me an email at and I'll refund you. No problem. Again. I want you to succeed. You have ONE YEAR to evaluate the program. 365 Days. Period. Crazy? Yes. Scary? Yes. But only for me.
What happens if there are any technical difficulties because you're not a techie?

You really don't need to be a techie to download this. It's as simple as clicking an enter key. But if you have any problems at all you email me at and we will help you through them. 

     Listen...I am 100% sure that when you look back on this day when you made the decision to get this program you'll be very glad you did. /;-)

     I should probably pretend that somehow this site is going to implode in 3 seconds to make you buy my program right now...but the truth is it's probably still going to be here tomorrow. /;-)

     But the actual question you should consider is whether you're willing to spend even one more day feeling out of control and in the dark when it comes to talking to women. really doesn't have to be this way!

     This stuff is really HUGE for any man. If you're not good at making people LIKE you and women LOVE you when you talk to them it really costs you in all aspects of your life. And you've got in front of you the fastest, cheapest, simplest solution to the problem that's helped men who were far worse off than you when they got started. So that's really what you should consider. After all this...if you still have questions about the program please drop me a line here: email me here Thanks for listening. /;-)

     Please join me inside, 
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